We are a free advice service that identifies the best Lawyers, Solicitors or Claims management company that best suits you for your claim.

Who we are

We as a broker are experienced professionals who understands the ins and outs of the claims process.

As a broker we assist with completing the initial assessment and at times collating the necessary documents and information required to support your claim. We take the complexity out of an otherwise overwhelming process, guiding you, the client in the right direction.  We introduce the you to the Claims Management Company (CMC),  we will handle all initial communication so that the you can get on with your day. As a broker we are the experts and we will ensure you get the best service possible from your Claims Management Company  .

We have worked hard to ensure we have strong relationships with the Claims Management Company, meaning we can ensure we partner you with right  company to achieve an effective and thorough claim solution. 

Because we work daily with CMC's, we have developed strong working relationships with these companies. This enables us to come to the resolution you deserve. We ensure that your initial assessment is presented to the CMC's in a clear and legible way to assist in them providing you with their support. To do this, the we make sure that the CMC has everything they need to say YES to your claim and that are know with a high level of confidence that they can support you.

Are you ready to let a trusted and experienced broker handle your CLAIM?

Our business model... 

We are a broker service, pure and simple, and any of our recommendations is just that, a recommendation, it does not obligate you to using their services but hopefully you will find the information they provide invaluable in making your choice of claims management partners.

Of course all financial complaints can be directed to the Financial Ombudsman Service(FOS) who are an independent official body, established by Parliament, for settling disputes between UK-based financial companies and their customers. 

This can be a minefield and without good supporting evidence does not always get a quick response from the financial institution, but through our network of  Legal Teams, Lawyers and Claims management experts we will always partner you with claims experts who have already had successful claims against the company. Putting you firmly on the way to a quick and successful payout and enabling you to collect the correct claim value. Get your claim on the road to success by contacting us today