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Work place accident claims

Workplaces should be safe environments where we can carry out our jobs without fear for our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, in some offices, warehouses, shop floors and factories, accidents and injuries do occur. They’re often the result of unsafe working conditions, due to lack of care or attention when it comes to workplace safety.

Accidents in the workplace can range from the minor to the fatal. In the UK, according to the Health & Safety Executive figures for 2017/18, 1.4 million people are suffering from a work-related illness

Timeshare and Overseas Property Claims

A large number of timeshare contracts (also called time Share, timeshare, or multi-property) obliged customers to hire timeshare for life, without being able to pay their maintenance fees. 

Moreover, although they were promised, many of them (customers) could not get the desired apartments in their weeks of preference. The clients suffered a multitude of abuses such as irregularities in the reservations, stays in resorts to which no maintenance was carried out or the payment of amounts in advance as alleged deposits, something totally prohibited by law.

Financial Claims

We examine the advice and service previously provided by your Financial Adviser (FA) to ascertain whether you were correctly advised with regard to any one or more of these transactions.

We advise individuals as to whether they have a legitimate claim against their adviser and, if so, we offer our services to act in the recovery of compensation on their behalf. 

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